i like the animal crossing wiki but i also

hate it.

i gave away ice furniture to one of my villagers i wonder if that would piss anybody off

it was fang so yaknow…it matches his shirt.

so today was the harvest festival and i thought something was fishy when i noticed that all the girls of my town were inside cooking and all the boys were leaving themselves out (except for me of course)

but then i took a quick look through the tags and it was totally a coincidence (male villagers were cooking in other people’s towns) so that’s a relief

also i remember like four of them asked for dabs and i was like holy shit because dabs are not that common they were pretty scarce all day so i have to remember that even though i have dabs in my encyclopedia there isn’t one in the museum because i gave out every single one to the lil cooks today

oh AND Franklin made shellfish chowder which called for a scallop and that took so long to catch and as soon as i finally did Pascal was behind me like i totally forgot about that i wish i could have invited the guy to come get some soup i bet he would LOVE that

~superfluous role call -like text i just felt like writing out below~

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i completed the t rex tonight that means i only have four fossils left to collect!

i don’t know what i gave him but i’m glad he likes it

great dogs think alike

the innuendo is strong with this one